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Easily date and timestamp the location of your railcars, reduce demurrage, data captured reduce or eliminate demurrage invoices, automate railcar movements in your railcar manangement system, allows you to know where your railcars are located within your operation, reduce human error, reduces need for additional clerical help and errors.

AEI became a proven rail car identification system in 1986, creating a more efficient way to identify and track rail cars in North America.

These are android based devices, and can access apps, or websites just as any other android device.

Each yard management system is unique, but we have not found a system we could not integrate with.

We can integrate with RTMS, we can send via email, you can access through online web service. We provide the data, when and how you want it delivered.

All of our products come with a 1 year warranty, and extended warranties are available.

There are many options when it comes to automating your rail yard, from receiving inbound/outbound lists, all the way to fully automating the record keeping of railcars.

Solar would a great option, you don’t lose any functionality and you will also reduce installation cost.

Demo units of the Aspen, Zion, and Sierra are available

Our Atlas device is intrinsically safe and can be configured based on your specific needs.

With most units in stock you can have your device within days, and begin to realize the benefits of AEI immediately.

These were designed specifically for the harsh conditions of the rail industry.

AEI tags require a special software to scan and decode the tag and make the information readable.