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Performance Measuring and Managing Assets

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Running a well-managed rail facility can be difficult. Facilities range in size and complexity. Some with only a tiny stub track, while others are large industrial complexes with thousands of railcars. Costs, margins, delivery times, and maintenance are something that all facilities have to manage. After speaking with many working in rail facilities across North America, we’ve learned invaluable information about the operations that keep our world moving. Each facility and customer we meet is incredibly unique, as well as their challenges, but keeping your facility’s focus on the following principles can improve rail operations regardless of facility size. 

People: A knowledgeable, adequately trained staff is a rail facility’s greatest asset. Operational success depends on an effectively-educated team. 

Performance can be improved with job briefings before and after specific tasks to enhance awareness of possible mistakes and demonstrate a personal interest in your crew and their success. Excellent and effective operation is based on communication with your team.